Botanical Body Oil

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Botanical body oils are the perfect addition to your self-care routine. Made with a blend of nourishing oils and infused with organic botanicals, these oils provide immediate and soothing hydration for your skin. Use all over your body to nourish and moisturize the skin, or massage into your skin for a relaxing experience. These oils not only feel great on the skin, but also have a wonderful aroma.
4 ounce
Choose from 3 different botanical blends:
Chamomile & cedarwood: soothe inflammation and redness with the anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile and calendula. 
Lavender: soothe sore muscles, calm irritated skin, and provide moisture to dry skin with the soothing and therapeutic properties of lavender oil.
Black jasmine: jasmine oil is gentle on sensitive skin and helps to calm inflammation, itching, and dryness.
Rose & Palmarosa: Rose-infused oil helps to moisturize and improve the appearance of blemishes with its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties.