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Rose Cardamom: Think chai with a subtle hint of rose. I fell in love with this combination while studying abroad in Bali, Indonesia. The smell brings me back to Ubud where sounds of gamelan music filled the air at night. It reminds me of travel, adventure, and exotic spices. Ingredients: Beeswax from a sustainable bee-friendly farm, jojoba oil, avocado oil, organic extra virgin coconut oil, paraben-free vitamin E oil, rose absolute, cardamom essential oil, and a lot of love!


Blood Orange Vanilla: Imagine biting into a creamsicle on a hot summer day, only this citrus has grown up. Blood orange has a delicious citrus scent and it's perfectly paired with a hint of calming vanilla sweetness. This is one of our most popular lip balms. Hint: use it around your eye to erase fine lines and on windburned cheeks in the wintertime.


Lemon Palo Santo: Its dreamy citrus/herbaceous scent is even more heightened by a bright lemon essential oil. This is an adventurous scent for those wanting an edgy lip balm. Works wonders as a body cologne.

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