Black Sesame Shortbread Cookies

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Product Description

Shortbread is a form of cookie with a high ratio of butter. The Black Sesame Shortbread contains butter, sugar, flour, sesame seeds, and salt.

By adding in sesame seeds and half the sugar of traditional shortbread, the end result is a shortbread that is not too sweet, not too dry, and delicious !

Molly at Mojo Bakes! SF started baking around 10 years ago when she tried a cookie recipe, halved the sugar and added in sesame. All Mojo Bakes! SF orders are made on demand and in the Western Addition of SF. Don't call it NoPa.

Each order contains 7 ounces, which is approximately 1 dozen cookies.
This product contains milk and wheat.
CFO-B License 94633. Organic Processed Product Registration 109325.

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