Currently showing

Currently showing

Mar 12th 2020

Currently Showing at Fleet Wood

Fleet Wood is currently showing "UNRAVELED: A Group Exhibition of Textile Arts." For this show, we focus on everything woven: yarn, embroidery thread, fabric, denim.

UNRAVELED showcases new work from 12 local womxn textile artists:
Brisa Aceves / @vyletfemme
Arael Domínguez / @artelunar
Alex Ehmer / @alexehma
Andrea Frost / @laughingisforlosers
Isabella Hill / @landbreakersf
Kim Leckey (Sea Woven) / @sea.woven
Idi Lima / @idi.pontos
Rae Miller / @raemillerarts
Patricia Pauchnick / @patriciapauchnick
Becca Schillinger / @daytime_noir
Lindsay Sigrist (Pixeled Stitching) / @lindsay.sigrist
Courtney Sproul / @courtney.sproul

+ RABBIT'S FOOT VINTAGE will be showcasing their handpicked Californian true vintage {1970s - 1990s} clothing for the duration of the exhibition. Rabbit’s Foot Vintage is woman-owned and operated since 2013 featuring women’s clothing, tees, footwear, and leather bags. Shop in store at Fleet Wood through March 31st or online here:

UNRAVELED shows through April 30th.