Tingle + Breathe Soothing Oil

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Tingle + Breathe is the product to reach for when you feel a headache coming, or stress is causing tension to build up, or when your nose is congested. The cooling, camphorous, and calming properties of this essential oil blend will help de-stress, ease headaches, clear nasal congestion, and soothe itchy bug bites. Comes in a convenient glass roller ball bottle for easy application.

Menthol & Peppermint deliver the cooling “tingle”. In addition to this, peppermint is a known remedy for nausea and headaches, clears the mind and nasal congestion.
Eucalyptus & Cajeput are known decongestants and expectorants.
Lavender calms, improves mood, and promotes restful sleep.
Rosemary also improves mood, relieves stress, is a memory helper, an antioxidant, and has analgesic properties that relieve headaches.
Clary Sage helps relieve anxiety and relaxes the nerves.

Rub the roller along hairline, temples, back of the neck. Massage in with fingers. Then cup your hand over your nose, breathe in & let the aroma of the oils ease your stress, tension & congestion. You will also feel a tingling sensation where you applied. Avoid contact with eyes.

0.34 fl oz / 10ml

Handmade in Truckee, CA.