The Visitor [Bowie] T-Shirt

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This item is available as a limited edition pre-order. Orders will ship Dec. 1, 2020.

Product Description

Internationally renowned British Pop artist Billy Chainsaw has been crowned MAKER OF THE MONTH by San Francisco’s Fleetwood SF gallery. This accolade demanded that he design an exclusive t-shirt to commemorate the fact.

"THE VISITOR" arT-shirt features one of Chainsaw’s guiding lights, David Bowie, in his role as Thomas Jerome Newton in Nicolas Roeg’s magnificent movie "The Man Who Fell to Earth."

Chainsaw says: “I’ve always regarded Bowie as a visiting alien whose purpose was to inform those tuned in enough to listen, and send them on a creative trajectory they would have otherwise never considered.”

"THE VISITOR" arT-shirt sees Chainsaw collaborating with ALAN DICKEY of SF’s ABOUT BEING SEEN, and incorporates one of Dickey’s ULTRA REFLECTIVE designs.

Released by ABOUT BEING SEEN, THE VISITOR arT-shirt is sold exclusively through FLEETWOOD SF.

Now is the time for loving the alien.

Fluorescent pink softhand discharge ink printed on 100% cotton t-shirt.

Unisex sizes S-XXL available.

Original Illustration by Billy Chainsaw. Hand printed by About Being Seen in San Francisco, CA.

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