SOS America T-Shirt by D Young V

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This shirt is available for pre-orders. Orders will be shipped by Friday, August 20, 2020.

Product Description

We teamed up with famed street artist D Young V for this Limited Edition SOS America collaboration tee. 

"To me, the nature of this collaboration is less a political statement and more a social one. This rendition of the American flag was inspired by a photo taken by Nico Schwieterman (owner of Fleet Wood) of a protester at a BLM protest. 2020 has been an intense year world wide with the current pandemic effecting our social, political and economic systems on a scale not seen in America for generations. The tattered flag with the letters 'S.O.S.' written upon it is less an image of protest as it is a symbol for the current state of affairs this country is enduring. 

This current pandemic was only the trigger that shot open the flood gates of generations of political hypocrisy, economic inequality, greed and the severe inadequacies of a government that so many of us blindly put our faith in. We are less navigating and more treading very chaotic and uncertain waters as a nation."          - D Young V


Prints also available here.

20% of all SOS print sales benefit Larkin Street Youth Organization and the Third Street Youth Center & Clinic (Bayview)

100% Cotton Black Unisex T-Shirt with white graphic.


Hand-printed in San Francisco, CA

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