Maker of the Month: Billy Chainsaw

Internationally renowned British Pop artist BILLY CHAINSAW has been crowned MAKER OF THE MONTH by Fleet Wood in San Francisco. This accolade demanded that he design an exclusive t-shirt to commemorate the fact.

THE VISITOR arT-shirt features one of Chainsaw’s guiding lights, DAVID BOWIE in his role as Thomas Jerome Newton in Nicolas Roeg’s magnificent movie THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH.

Chainsaw says: “I’ve always regarded Bowie as a visiting alien whose purpose was to inform those tuned in enough to listen, and send them on a creative trajectory they would have otherwise never considered.”

THE VISITOR arT-shirt sees Chainsaw collaborating with ALAN DICKEY of SF’s ABOUT BEING SEEN, and incorporates one of Dickey’s ULTRA REFLECTIVE designs.

Released by ABOUT BEING SEEN, THE VISITOR arT-shirt is sold exclusively through FLEETWOOD SF.

Now is the time for loving the alien.

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