Do What Thou Wilt T-Shirt

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This item is available as a limited edition pre-order. Orders will ship Dec. 1, 2020.

Product Description

Designed by internationally renowned British Pop artist Billy Chainsaw, the DO WHAT THOU WILT t-shirt replaces Uncle Sam with Baphomet in a rallying call to Turn on, Tune in, and be Free.

Chainsaw says: “One of my guiding lights is English occultist Aleister Crowley… in these politically and socially troubled times it seemed fitting to use his DO WHAT THOU WILT doctrine – as a message to reclaim ones freedom.”


Orange discharge ink printed on 100% cotton tie-dye t-shirt.

Unisex sizes S-XXL available.

Original Illustration by Billy Chainsaw. Hand printed by About Being Seen in San Francisco, CA.

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